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Check out the video below to see all the challenges we overcame in 2014 at PAW and all the lives that were saved! Thank you for all the continued support through this year and those to come!

You can also check out our year end blog! 
A Year to Remember

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A note from Fagan's foster family: Fagan walks great on the leash, does not pull and is very relaxed, if I stop to talk with neighbors or if my other dog is playing, he will lay down and wait.  Even if a dog is barking at him or his foster brother Seamus tries to chase something, he never pulls. He is so good that I feel a kid or an elderly person could walk him without any problems. He is fully house trained.  In the 3 months that I have fostered him, he has never had an accident in the house.  Even when I’ve had to leave him for longer periods (on the odd occasion where work has kept me back without prior notice) he has been totally fine. He is so excited when I get home from work.  He cannot get enough attention and he adores being petted.  He is not the kind of dog that is all over you all the time, but he does like to be close by.  He loves to sit by my feet.  At night he starts off sleeping next to me, and then moves to the floor which is where he prefers to sleep on his bed.   He enjoys car rides.  He likes to do anything that is outside - walking is his favorite thing to do. He is not an overly energetic dog.  He has a very calm demeanor which is what makes him great with kids. He is calm and sits to let them pet him.  He is fond of my neighbor’s kids who are 3, 5 and 8.  He sits and lets them pet him and laps up the attention.    

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Brie is a beautiful Domestic medium hair mix. She loves to cuddle and will purr all day! She tends to be very dominant when alone with another cat but does currently live in an open room with other cats. Because of this dominance we think she would do best as the only cat in the home. 

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Basic Dog Training Classes


Pets Alive Westchester offers low cost training classes so that everyone can take advantage of quality training for their dogs!

Learn how to teach your new friend basic cues, how to create life-long good habits, and good manners in your home. You’ll learn how to improve socialization skills, come when called, and relationship building in a fun, family-and dog-friendly atmosphere. 

A one-time fee of $85 for 1 hour six week sessions ($80 for adopters).

Contact training@petsalivewest.org to register with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Pets name
  • Age of your pet
  • If your dog was adopted from Pets Alive



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We love to hear from you and how your pet you adopted from us is doing. Email Josephine at josephine@petsalivewest.org with pictures and an update on your pet so we can let everyone know through our webstite and social media how they are doing.



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Fill out an adoption application online or at our location. The online application is available on the animal adoption web pages. The approval process usually takes about 10 minutes if your references are available at the time of your visit. All of our available animals are listed on the online adoption pages; new animals are added on a weekly basis. We look forward to your visit!