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Pets Alive Blog: "Pets Alive Westchester to Close Doors"


While our hearts are breaking at the fact that we are being told we must close, we cannot lose sight of all the lives we have saved, loving the ones still in our care and finding homes for those who deserve a chance.

This is who we are. This is what we do.
We will not let our dedication and love stop here.

Check out some of the fundraisers you can do to help support the animals of Pets Alive Westchester. You are all they have.

Pets Alive Westchester Benefit Wines

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Capone is such an amazing boy that loves to play with toys. He has such a great spirit about him that you can't help but fall in love with. Capone is mostly blind but this doesn't stop him from tuning into all his other senses in order to live a very normal life and his special talent is being able to track down a toy faster than any other dog we know. Fill out an application to foster or adopt Capone and make his dreams come true! 

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Cat of the Month



Cali is a beautiful girl pulled from HiTor. She is curious and playful. She has a beautiful golden wirey coat and lovely gold eyes. She loves people and loves attention. Fill out an application and come adopt this sweety.

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Adoption Updates
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We love to hear from you and how your pet you adopted from us is doing. Email Josephine at josephine@petsalivewest.org with pictures and an update on your pet so we can let everyone know through our webstite and social media how they are doing.

Basic Dog Training Classes


Pets Alive Westchester offers low cost training classes so that everyone can take advantage of quality training for their dogs!

Learn how to teach your new friend basic cues, how to create life-long good habits, and good manners in your home. You’ll learn how to improve socialization skills, come when called, and relationship building in a fun, family-and dog-friendly atmosphere. 

A one-time fee of $85 for 1 hour six week sessions ($80 for adopters).

Contact training@petsalivewest.org to register with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Pets name
  • Age of your pet
  • If your dog was adopted from Pets Alive




rex_and_i.jpgPets Alive Westchester
100 Warehouse Lane South
Elmsford, NY 10523
Tel: 914-372-7433 or 7434


We are OPEN 7 days a week!
Sunday- Thursday 10am - 4pm
Friday 10am - 7:00pm
Saturday 10am-6:00pm

Fill out an adoption application online or at our location. The online application is available on the animal adoption web pages. The approval process usually takes about 10 minutes if your references are available at the time of your visit. All of our available animals are listed on the online adoption pages; new animals are added on a weekly basis. We look forward to your visit!