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Conway is our Dog of the Month for November! Conway is an absolute cuddle bug and truly wants to be a lap dog!  He has the most gentle, loving temperament. He would be a perfect addition to any family! He would love to be a hiking/running companion one minute and a couch potato the next.

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A note from Larry:

I currently live at Pets Alive Westchester. Each day is pretty much the same for me. I wake up early, usually when the sun starts shining in the windows. Before you know it my friends start coming through the door saying, “good morning Larry! Did you sleep well?” I give a subtle “meow” and curl back up into the piece of sunshine that is streaming in the window. As great as it is here, each day I hope it’ll be my day to go home to a forever family. It seems that since I’m not a little kitten I get overlooked a lot when a family comes to adopt. When a nice family comes in and shows interest in me, I get excited thinking, “Maybe this is it!” but then once they hear I’m FIV positive and have asthma, they get too scared to adopt me – even though it’s nothing to be afraid of. I get a shot every 6 weeks for my asthma and I will continue to live a long and healthy life, just like any other cat. I’m big and strong, just like the rest. I do everything any other cat can do. So why not pick a boy who will fill your life with love? I can’t wait until I am the chosen one – the one who will go to a great home. I can just imagine as I sit on my new family’s lap, purring as we look at our picture together that Pets Alive Westchester posts to their Facebook page saying, “Larry Adopted!” above it. 

Find our more about FIV cats here.

Basic Dog Training Classes


Pets Alive Westchester offers low cost training classes so that everyone can take advantage of quality training for their dogs!

Learn how to teach your new friend basic cues, how to create life-long good habits, and good manners in your home. You’ll learn how to improve socialization skills, come when called, and relationship building in a fun, family-and dog-friendly atmosphere. 

A one-time fee of $85 for 1 hour six week sessions ($80 for adopters).

Contact training@petsalivewest.org to register with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Pets name
  • Age of your pet
  • If your dog was adopted from Pets Alive



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New Future in Puerto Rico
We are excited to announce that we will be seeking out new partnerships in Puerto Rico in order to better serve the island’s abandoned, neglected, abused and mistreated dog population.



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