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Posted by admin on
Love the Elmsford Animal Sanctuary! Thanks for being NO KILL! You rock!
Posted by Karen Lieberman on
Elmsford Rocks!
Posted by Bessy on
Thank you for giving these loving, little creatures a second chance!
Posted by Beth Bivona on
Love the new website! Hope the merger produces lots of adoptions.
Posted by Rachel on
I love the Elmsford Animal Sanctuary. The goals of this animal shelter are admirable and I hope you'll be able to continue serving these cute, lovely animals.
Posted by Patricia on
We just adopted a dog from Pets Alive and it was such a great experience. What these people do for these animals is amazing. I am so glad they were able to give these animals second chances. They all deserve them! Great job guys! Would recommend you to anyone looking to adopt!
Posted by Nina on
I cannot wait to volunteer! I love Remy and Diego!
Posted by Asia B. on
i HEARD about pets alive! I really want to volunteer! Im 13 . I guess i always wanted a dog and never had one so being around animals will be a pleasure i hope!!
Posted by jennifer weber on
hello to all staff and volunteers at the shelter. I have recently become a sponsor for one of your senior dogs, and also I am one of your gold member life-line sponsors. I recently visited your facility and I was really amazed to see all the improvements made, and how nice and caring the staff and volunteers were, its because of the great people like you who have made this place so much better, thank you. I have been a member of the ASPCA for over 25 years, and as part of helping our local shelters I will continue to encourage others to donate to pets-alive in Elmsford. Thank you for all you guys have done in making this shelter a better place! -Jennifer Weber
Posted by Loretta Marengo on
Hi all! Wishing you all a happy new year! We adopted Sophie (was Ally Pur-Pur) and Squeaky (was Curry) from you. Sophie we adopted back in April 2006 and Squeaky November 2009. I must tell you that they are family to us. Sophie is a sweetheart and Squeaky is like a little dog.

Thank you again for being there for the unfortunate animals.

Best - Loretta Marengo
Posted by Brandy Shukaitis on
Thanks for letting me adopted Fluffy the rabbit. He is awsome.
Posted by Sandy Friedman on
Ur shelter sounds great . you r so very lucky to have such great volunteers. I am an animal lover & this place sounds like I would like to be a part of it. Helping to soonest unfortunate animals or by buying supplies. Will call u tomorrow to c if I can possibly set ip a tome to come down with some much needed supplies
Posted by Elyse on
I love your animal shelter and I can't wait until I volunteer there... :)
Posted by kathy epstein on
A friend of mine and I just completed painting the new infermary office for Mara and Holly (a special dog that will now have an area to call "home" by sharing Mara's new office). It was certainly alot of hardwork envolved yet filled our hearts when Mara and Joy came to see the completed promise....Ken "helped out" by sneaking out (while we were at lunch) and purchasing yet another gallon of paint for us.....thanks for the help, Ken....I think??? If you are thinking about volunteering at our shelter please do so!!! You will not only be doing a good deed for the staff and our furry friends, you will receive much love in your heart by knowing you did a really great good matter how large or small. Please remember: WE NEED YOUR HELP FOR MANY THINGS!!!! Share your skills and open your hearts to all....your hard work will not go unnoticed!!! Peace to all -Kathy (Bandit/Spirt's Mommy) xoxox
Posted by Lauren on
I can't wait to volunteer!!! I love the cats!!
Posted by Judy on
I went to your Vegas Night fundraiser in Croton last month and had a wonderful time. Welcome to the neighborhood PetsAlive!!!
Best, Judy
Posted by helen on
i love you!
Posted by Sherri on
An experienced vet once told me that when you adopt an adult animal, they "know" they've been rescued. I didn't understand what he meant until I adopted an adult cat. With a little patience and a lot of love, we formed a bond stronger than I ever thought possible. My little alien "knows" he has a forever home and I "know" that I have a new best friend.

I would encourage those looking to adopt/rescue to consider an adult cat or dog. And when bringing your new family member home, remember that nothing is instant. It takes time, patience, and understanding to build a relationship...but it will be so worth it in the end!!!

Keep up the awesome work PAW!!!
Posted by Debra on
Posted by Tara & Donna on
Thank you Jocelyn and Tracey for a wonderful orientation and introduction to Pets Alive Westchester today. We look forward to volunteering with such an amazing organization.

Tara & Donna
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Posted by kcruz29 on
I love how the animal shelter is so close to me!!! Just stopping at the dogs, makes me happy! I can't wait to volunteer again!
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Posted by Butler/Tamburri on
We are so happy a friend pointed us to Pets Alive Westchester. It is an amazing place that truly takes care of its animals. The staff is beyond compare and only have the best interest of every animal they rescue and place in a home. The volunteers are so incredibly dedicated and we love that our young daughters are able to volunteer as well. We have been so lucky to foster (and soon will adopt) our dog who has really completed our family. Thank you PAW for all that you do!
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