Our Programs


Pets Alive offers many programs to assist the community with their animals and animal related issues. Below is a list of some of what we offer, what we can help with and where to go to get that assistance.

If you need assistance that is not listed here, do not hesitate to contact us anyway. We will always try to help where we can, so please reach out to us.
Our programs:
  • Adoptions - Pets Alive adopts out thousands of animals a year. If you're looking to adopt, please support us and adopt your next pet from one of our Pets Alive locations! seniors2.jpg

  • Foster - We can always use help in fostering animals, especially those that are difficult to place, have special needs, are ill, or are very young. Litters of puppies, kittens, pregnant moms, senior animals - we are always looking for foster homes for these pets. Can you open your home to a dog or a cat that may need some extra care or a little extra love?

    • Seniors for Seniors - Pets Alive works with the Office of the Aging to provide senior pets to senior citizens. Four legged friends are a real health benefit to senior citizens! Pets help the elderly live longer, happier and healthier lives!

    • Hospice - We never want an animal to die at our sanctuaries. If you can open your home to a dog or a cat that is in the end stages of life, your life will never be the same. It takes a special person to help these animals and to care for them in the final days or weeks they have left. Please consider this. Whatever you can offer is better than dying alone in a shelter.

  • Pet Retention - Any adopter that adopts an animal from Pets Alive can expect us to follow up and offer assistance with any training or behavior issues. Our trainers are committed to helping you keep your adopted pet in your home and we are here to help you get over the bumps in the road that you might encounter when welcoming a new pet into your home.

  • Dog Training classes - We love it when new adopters take their dogs to training classes! This enables them to bond better and studies show that dog and owners that go through a basic obedience class are much more likely to have a good relationship with their dog and less issues overall! Pets Alive offers basic obedience (and other) classes at our Elmsford location!

  • Pet chow pantry - We get many surrender requests from broken hearted people that are struggling financially and can no longer afford their pets. To help keep pets in their homes, we have developed the Pet Chow Pantry. The pantry provided dog food, cat food and cat litter to needy families struggling financially.

  • Offsite events - You'll see us out at all sorts of locations every week! If you'd like us to come to your business, or table at your event, please contact us and invite us! We can do tabling events OR bring animals for adoptions events! 
  • Volunteering - Your help is always welcome - and needed! Pets Alive welcomes the support of the community in caring for the animals, data entry, doing laundry, facility maintenance and many other jobs. For more information on how you can help, email us at volunteer@petsalivewest.org