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Pets Alive Westchester Animal Sponsorship Program

Lots of people say they'd like to help, but they can't adopt an animal right now. Just because you can't adopt doesn't mean you can't help! You can be an adopt-a-pet sponsor for a lucky animal here at the shelter. Your monthly contribution will go a long way toward paying for the care of your new pal. Some of our sponsors even send in extra "care" packages with toys, treats or bedding for their foster pet.

You can also cancel your monthly sponsorship at ANY time, yourself!

It will automatically be added to your credit card each month...and it is all tax deductible!

Monthly Sponsorship Programs
Our monthly sponsorship program allows exceptional animal lovers, like you, to do more to help us rescue, rehabilitate and find forever homes for the thousands of deserving animals we save each year.  

This steady stream of income funds our every day costs: food, medical supplies and treatments, safe and comfortable habitats for the animals and the love and care they receive from our staff and volunteers.  Our Monthly Sponsors enjoy an easy way to budget their giving while making a huge impact on our ability to save even more animals from the life threatening situations they face.   

 Monthly Sponsorship: $100 a month  
Do you have the ability to make a bigger impact? If you can help us financially, we can do more good, save more animals, make a difference.  We want to change the world. We want to see all of this area no-kill and we want to spread that word out and make an impact not only locally but nationally - saving animals all across the United States.  Do you feel the same way? Can you help us to grow faster with your financial assistance? Please consider this sponsorship.
TOGETHER....we can and WILL  make a difference.
 Monthly Sponsorship: $50 a month  
Senior animals and those with special needs require medications and care beyond the normal annual food and veterinary care budget. Many of them are arthritic and benefit tremendously from Cosequin and other supplements which improve their daily quality of life. Some need thyroid and cardiac medications, some animals have diseases and need daily medication to keep their conditions under control. There is no 'prescription plan' for animals and therefore we are finding it difficult to find the funds to pay for these additional expense

       Monthly Sponsorship:  $35 a month Sponsor a Dog!  
 Your monthly donation will help us pay for a spay/neuter surgery  for one of our furry friends! Thank you so much!
   Monthly Sponsorship:  $25 a month Sponsor a Cat!  
 Your monthly sponsorship of $25 will help us to vaccinate, microchip, and deworm a recently rescued animal! Thank you so much!!