Pets For Adoption

Animal Adoptions

cat4.jpgWe show animals only to applicants with approved applications. You may fill out and submit your adoption application online. We will check your references and get back to you within 24 hours. Alternatively, you may fill out and submit an application at our facility. We will make every effort to approve your application while you wait, but can only do so if all your references are available at that time.  

When it comes to choosing an animal, remember that sometimes the cutest animal on the page may NOT suit your family life! Our Adoption Counselor will help you choose an animal that suits your family and activity level. We prefer that everyone in your household is present at the time of adoption.  If you are adopting a dog, be sure to bring all your current dogs to meet their new canine family member at the time of adoption. Thanks for wanting to offer a home to a shelter animal, we hope you will fill out an application today!

What's Included:

Your new pet has been spayed/neutered, is up-to-date on shots, and is microchipped. With the microchip comes six weeks of pet insurance through 24-PetWatch. You also get a coupon booklet when you go to Petco and show them the Pets Alive Westchester adoption agreement. You'll also get a discount on training classes offered at PAW. Only $80 for a 6-week course!

There is an adoption fee for all animals:

Cats are $100, kittens are $125, senior cats (over 10) are $50.

The adoption donation for dogs start at $100 for seniors (over 7), $200 for adult dogs and dogs who have been here for more than one year, $300 for young dogs and specialty breeds, and $350 for toy breeds.

Rabbits are $100.

We charge an adoption fee to prevent people from getting "free" animals and selling them to labs or fighting rings. We also charge a fee to try to offset some of our costs.

Believe us - the adoption fees do not come CLOSE to the expense of  providing care for these animals. In addition to
feeding, caretaking  facility costs, it
costs us $125 to spay and neuter an animal, $20 to microchip them, $30 to get them up to date on all shots, $15 to treat them for fleas/ticks, $30 to treat them for worms, and $40 to test them for parvo (or FIV/FeLV if a cat). If you did all that at the vet, your costs would be triple ours.